Vixen Erin

Erin absolutely blew us all away at how natural she was in front of the camera- she’s obviously gorgeous, and a total doll- but she was initially quite nervous.  You can’t read any of her nerves on her face!  🙂  She did amazing and I love her pictures!  Thank you, Erin, for these great pictures to add to my portfolio! 


Vixen Jennifer

Jennifer and I go way back- and I mean WAY back.  She and I became friends in the 6th grade and were pretty much inseparable.  She’s absolutely beautiful and I had so much fun with her shoot.  We know pretty much everything about each other, so it was very comfortable and we laughed a lot.  🙂  Over the years Jen has ALWAYS been the greatest model for me!  I have plenty of blackmail pictures to prove it!!

Vixen Beth

Beth is so gorgeous, she made my work easy!  My session with her was so fun and very quick- she was totally a natural!  I think she could be a model, if she wanted to be.  🙂  Beth- thanks for all of your support with my business ventures!  You are an amazing friend!!

Vixen Alyssa

Alyssa was the very first girl to pose and she was fabulous!  She was so natural and just adorable!  She kept giggling and doing the cutest little things, I continued to snap away because she looked so comfortable and gorgeous!  Alyssa- thank you for putting your trust in me and giving me some amazing shots for my portfolio! 🙂

Vixen Justine

I have been so swamped with sittings (yay!) that I have struggled to get all of my Vixen sessions edited.  Sorry girls!  🙂  Justine is a gorgeous girl with a heart of gold and I just adore her!  She was amazing to shoot- willing to try anything!  Thank you, Justine, for all of the support you’ve given me with this venture and for being such an awesome friend!  I hope you love your pics!


The lighting was fabulous for silhouette shots of Seaneen!  I love the way she worked her angles!!  Thanks for the fabulous shoot, Seaneen!

Vixen Update!

Isn’t she gorgeous?!?!

The editing process has begun!  Check back soon for more pictures! 

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